5 Benefits Of Aluminum Pool Fencing

Posted on: 19 October 2021


A fence around your pool is necessary for safety, and in many areas, it is also required by law. Aluminum fencing is a good choice if you need to fence in your pool.

1. No Ongoing Maintenance

One of the biggest selling points about an aluminum fence is that it doesn't require any maintenance. The components are powder-coated, which means the fence has a durable scratch-resistant finish that won't need to be reapplied due to damage or fading. At most, you may need to lubricate gate hinges and latches on occasion, but no other maintenance should be needed.

2. Moisture Damage Resistant

Being near a pool means that the fence is likely to be exposed to moist and humid conditions. Certain parts of the fence, like the gate, will also be exposed to pool chemicals. Aluminum is naturally rust and corrosion resistant, and the powder-coated finish makes it completely resistant to moisture damage. This means a secure and long-lasting fence that isn't likely to need any repairs.

3. Versatile Design Options

Chances are you want a fence that looks as though it was custom designed for your yard and pool area. Aluminum pool fencing can be finished in any color you desire; there is no need to feel stuck with plain black aluminum fencing. There are also a variety of picket styles to choose from, including those that mimic the look of decorative wrought iron to clean and simple lines that provide a modern look.

4. Effective Climb Prevention

A pool fence is only effective if it can't be easily circumvented. Fortunately, the basic design of aluminum pool fencing makes it difficult to climb. These fences are available in many heights, with taller fences more difficult to climb. Any cross rails are spaced far enough apart so they can't be used as a ladder. Many fence styles also have pointed picket tops so that they can't be vaulted over comfortably. 

5. Optional Safety Features

Additional design features are also available to further help improve safety around the pool. For households with concerns of small pets squeezing between fencing pickets, attractive aluminum meshing is an option so that there is no space between pickets. The fence can be designed to reach all the way to the ground, thus eliminating any squeeze space for bypassing the fence. You can also have gate alarms installed so you are notified in the house if anyone tried to access the pool.

Contact an aluminum pool fencing service to learn more about your pool safety options.