5 Benefits Of Steel Industrial Fencing

Posted on: 21 October 2021


Industrial grade fencing is needed for a variety of businesses from actual warehouses and industrial parks to schools, municipal buildings, and hospitals. Steel fencing can provide a good solution for your industrial needs.

1. Strength

When it comes to strength, no fencing material beats steel. Industrial steel pickets come in a range of gauges with the lower the gauge measurement equaling the thicker picket walls. The steel pickets are powder-coated, which means you don't have to worry about age and weathering weakening the fence over time. In general, it will stay as strong as the day you installed it for many years. 

2. Security

The main reason to go with industrial fencing is security. You can typically find industrial fences in heights up to 15 feet. Opt for those with close pickets and few cross rails so that they are harder to climb. A popular design for security includes a curved top and picket spikes, which make it nearly impossible to climb over the top of the fence. Most industrial fencing systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with a secured gate.

3. Installation

Installation of a new industrial steel fence is quick, which is a good thing when you need to keep the property secured. Most steel fences use a racking system. This means the fence comes in pre-made panels. Each panel racks together securely. Several panels can be connected between the deeply embedded fence posts, and having fewer posts to install also helps speed up installation.

4. Maintenance

Perhaps the biggest reason to opt for industrial steel fencing is that it requires very little maintenance. The powder-coated finish ensures that the fence never rusts or corrodes, and it's rare that it would need to be repainted. The thick gauge steel results in a lower chance of damage that needs repairs. Other than walking the fence line periodically to make sure all the hardware is in good condition, there is no maintenance necessary.

5. Appearance

Steel fencing also provides an attractive solution for industrial fencing. The traditional alternative is chain-link fencing, which is durable and secure but not very attractive. You can have steel fencing powder-coated in nearly any color, but stately black is often preferred because it is unobtrusive and reminiscent of wrought iron. With steel fencing, your industrial-grade fence doesn't have to convey an uninviting industrial appearance, which can be important for those industries that need to blend into the neighborhood without being an eyesore. 

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