3 Guidelines To Follow When Selecting A Commercial Fence

Posted on: 22 October 2021


You may be worried that your business is vulnerable to theft or vandalism. It only takes one incident to erode your business's success and potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Protect your space with a commercial fence. Here are a few guidelines to follow to help you select a commercial fence that meets your needs. 

1. Decide on Your Main Objective for Your Fence

Before you start exploring your options with a commercial fence builder, decide what you're hoping to achieve with your fence. Does your business handle a lot of valuable items that are attractive to potential thieves? If so, you'll want a secure fence with barbed wire on top; this discourages people from trying to climb the fence. Or, maybe you just want to add an extra layer of security to your business and define your company's exterior space? A steel or chainlink fence are great options. Perhaps your own a dog-training business and need to confine your four-legged clients while they learn. You'll want a fence that prevents the animals from climbing or jumping.

Your objectives will influence your chosen materials and certain details, like the height of the fence and how it's installed. 

2. Determine What Kind of Gates You Need

Gates are essential for providing access to your exterior space. The number of and type of gates that you choose depend on where and how people tend to access your business. If all your clients arrive at your company from a single location, one gate may be sufficient. However, if you want to have different access points for vendors, customers, and employees, you'll want multiple gates. You should also decide what type of security you want to use with your gates. 

It's always possible to select a normal gate for your commercial fence; you can secure this type of gate with a conventional lock and chain. 

Many business owners like to have at least one gate that opens automatically for vehicle traffic. This type of secure gate provides access to individuals with an access code or key card. Or, you may remotely open the gate. 

3. Opt for a Fence That Suits Your Aesthetic

The appearance of your fence should suit your business's preferred aesthetic. This guideline applies to the style, color, and overall design of the fence. 

It's a misconception that strong, secure fences have to look a certain way or can't be enjoyable to look at. There are many alternatives for ornamental steel fences that are effective at securing your business while complimenting your exterior space. 

For more information on the right fence for your business, contact commercial fence contractors near you.