Aluminum Fencing And Its Advantages Over Iron

Posted on: 26 October 2021


Decades ago, if you told someone you were getting a metal fence, they would probably assume you were referring to iron. Indeed, iron did work decently well as a fencing material. It was strong, uniformly colored, and could be molded into different shapes and forms. However, you don't see as much iron fencing around these days. Aluminum fencing, instead, has become the go-to option for those who like metal fences. So, what advantages does aluminum fencing have over iron?

It can be made from recycled materials.

These days, there is a greater emphasis on reusing materials since doing so is better for the planet. There's not a lot of iron that gets recycled. However, people are tossing aluminum cans in the recycling bin day in and day out. There's tons of recycled aluminum that can be used to make more eco-friendly fencing.

It is much lighter than iron.

Iron is durable, but it's also really, really heavy. If you've ever owned a cast iron pan, you know this! As such, installing an iron fence takes a lot of effort. If you ever need to make repairs to an iron fence, its weight can become a burden once again. Aluminum fencing is much lighter than iron. You can probably pick up a whole aluminum fence panel by yourself, whereas it would take several strong people to lift a similarly sized iron fence panel. The lighter weight of aluminum makes it easier to install and maintain.

It does not rust.

Aluminum will eventually experience some corrosion if it is exposed to a lot of moisture, but this happens very slowly in comparison to the rate at which iron rusts. Many people do not like the look of rust on iron, and choosing an aluminum fence allows them to avoid this look completely.

It's less expensive.

Iron fences are pretty costly. Not only is the iron itself costly, but having the fence installed can cost a lot since it requires so much work. Aluminum fencing is significantly cheaper. You can get a much fancier, more detailed aluminum fence for the same price as a very plain, simple iron fence.

Aluminum fencing has become common for a reason. While iron fencing used to be the preferred metal fencing, aluminum holds that designation right now. Talk to your fence contractor to learn more about aluminum fences and to explore the various styles of fencing available to you.