Types Of Repair And Maintenance Your Vinyl Fence May Need

Posted on: 26 October 2021


Vinyl fencing is a low-maintenance type of fence material, so if you have a vinyl fence in your yard, it can be easy to ignore it for years at a time. But in some cases, your vinyl fence could require attention or even repairs. Here are some of the types of repair and maintenance your fence could need.

1. Repainting

Typically, a new vinyl fence doesn't require any paint, stains, or other coatings. However, some homeowners use paint on the fence to change its color (for example, so it will match the house). If your fence does have a coat of paint already, it will need occasional repainting since a coat of paint doesn't last forever. A fresh coat every couple of years is ideal. Make sure you use the right kind of paint, though. The wrong kind of paint won't stick well to the fence and can quickly start to peel.

2. Crack Repair

If your vinyl fence gets damaged, perhaps by a tree branch dropped on it or some other impact, you may find a spot with a crack or hole. In this case, the fence material can be patched using the correct materials, such as PVC cement, epoxy, or expanding foam. If you're not familiar with repairing cracks in vinyl, you can simply call your vinyl fencing contractors and have the fence professionally repaired.

3. Panel Replacement

If a larger accident occurs, such as a vehicle hitting the fence or an entire tree falling on it, you may have to write off one or more panels and have them completely replaced. While a small crack is fixable, a shattered panel wouldn't have much structural stability even if it was pieced back together. 

4. Post Reinforcement

In some cases, one of the fence posts holding up your fence could fail. One reason could be that the vinyl fence posts weren't sufficiently reinforced. You can add fence post inserts made of metal (either half-length or full-length) to solve the problem of fence posts that aren't stiff enough to support the fence well. 

Another potential problem with fence posts is coming loose from the ground, which can cause the post (and the fence) to lean or sag. This can happen if the fence posts aren't properly set in concrete. Your fencing contractor can re-set the posts for you with the appropriate concrete foundation to get your fence back into action.

These are some of the main types of repairs and maintenance your vinyl fence could need. Get in touch with a vinyl fencing expert to learn more about how to care for your fence or schedule a repair or maintenance visit.