Signs You Need Wood Fence Services

Posted on: 4 November 2021


Wood has always been the go-to fencing material for most homeowners. Wooden fences have a classic vibe that many homeowners admire. Besides, a wood fence is affordable, environmentally friendly, and visually appealing. 

Unfortunately, wooden fences will need to be serviced regularly because of their delicate nature. Remember, wood deteriorates after being exposed to harsh weather elements for a long time.

Moreover, wood will always be a target for various pests. That said, you'll need wood fence services once in a while. But how can you tell that a wood fence service is imminent? Well, check for these signs.

Leaning Fence

If your wooden fence begins to lean or sag, it means it has become weak structurally. In most cases, wooden fences will lean due to weather, rot, soil erosion, age, termite damage, or natural inclines. 

It's hard to tell what's causing your fence to lean unless you call in a fence contractor. The good thing is your fence can be repaired or salvaged if you call in a fence contractor early enough. So, don't wait for your fence to fall for you to have it repaired. 

Rotting Wood

Wood fences are notorious for rotting, especially after they get exposed to water or moisture. While you can apply a protective coating on the wood, it will still wear off and leave your fencing exposed. Unfortunately, you can't salvage rotting wood. However, you can have a fence contractor replace all the rotten material before they weaken the entire fence. 

Pest Attacks

Pests are never a good sign, especially when they start building homes on your wooden fence. Wooden fences are always treated with chemicals that ward off pests. These chemicals will, however, weaken with age. Therefore, pests such as termites will move into the wood and cause damage. 

If you notice any signs of pests around your wooden fence, inform a fence professional. The fence contractor will examine the wood and verify the level of damage. Fortunately, minor repairs can save your fence if you catch the pests early enough. 

Unstable Posts

Most wooden fences rely on traditional wood posts for support. These posts will bend, warp, sink, or become unstable over time. If the posts become unstable, your entire fence will lose stability and start leaning or shaking as the wind blows. As such, you need the posts repaired or changed before the entire fence collapses. To identify whether your posts are unstable, grab them one by one and give them a good shake. You'll be able to determine their stability if they can be easily moved around.

It's easy to correct most wood problems as long as you catch them early. That said, you shouldn't hesitate to call for wood fence services when you notice something is off. Contact a residential wood fencing company to learn more.