Benefits Of Vinyl For Privacy Fencing

Posted on: 10 November 2021


The idea of having privacy fencing usually brings to mind wood and traditional wood-style fencing options. What it may not bring to mind is vinyl. Vinyl fencing is becoming an increasingly popular option, especially in suburban areas. There are several benefits to this type of fencing material. Here are some of those benefits and information on each one. 


One of the main reasons homeowners choose vinyl over wood or other fencing material is due to the maintenance. With wood, you have to worry about having the wood sealed. This needs to be done routinely throughout the life of the fence. If you choose a metal material privacy fence, you have several issues to worry about, including possible rusting and corrosion or issues with the slats used to give the fence the privacy option. With vinyl fencing, your maintenance is to simply clean the fence with soapy water and rinse. If you do have mold forming or staining from nearby trees, you can use a fence cleaning spray. 

Weather Durability

Weather durability is an issue for many people. For example, you may live in areas with high winds during different times of the year. You may also live in an area that experiences heavy snow or rain. All of these weather issues can cause problems with traditional privacy fencing, especially wood. Vinyl has high durability and can withstand most winds and heavy rains. You also do not have to worry about water damage from rain and snow. 


A concern you may have is for the longevity of your fence. For example, wood privacy fences can start to bow or lean over time. They may even become detached and start to break. If this is the case, you will need to have a fencing contractor repair the area and possibly larger areas of fencing depending on the damage. With vinyl fencing, you do not have these issues. You also have lifetime warranties for your fence depending on the company or manufacturer of the fencing. In some cases, you can have a warranty for the fencing itself, as well as a warranty for the labor to repair or reset fencing if an issue should happen. 

When you are ready to have your privacy fence installed, contact local fence contractors. They can provide estimates. They can also discuss vinyl options with you, and if there are any color options, you may want to consider. If you have any questions regarding installation you can ask during the consultation and estimate process. Contact a local fence company to learn more.