Want To Install A Privacy Fence? 3 Things To Consider

Posted on: 6 December 2021


There are numerous reasons to install a privacy fence on your property. Privacy fences are an excellent way to increase your home's security and, of course, enhance privacy. However, it's essential to ensure your new fence meets your needs and is on budget. Here are three things to consider if you're putting in a privacy fence.

Whether There Are Limitations

The first thing to consider when building a privacy fence is whether there are any limitations regarding fencing where you live. If you have an HOA, you need to check their fencing guidelines before work begins. For example, some fencing materials and heights may be prohibited by your HOA. Some areas may also require building permits before work begins on a privacy fence. So before you install a privacy fence, make sure you won't run into any issues with local guidelines or ordinances. 

What Type Of Fence You Want

You will also need to know what kind of privacy fence you are looking to install. Pretty much any solid fencing material can work for a privacy fence. Wood, vinyl, composite, and even metal fencing can work well for privacy fences. Most privacy fences are somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 and 8 feet tall, so make sure you find a fence tall enough in your desired material. Living fences are another great option if you want to increase your home's privacy. Living fences are made of trees, plants, or shrubs and can act as privacy fences if tall and dense enough. 

How Much It Will Cost

Since privacy fences are taller than other types of fencing, they tend to cost more since extra material is necessary. You will want to consider how much adding a privacy fence will cost before installation begins. The fencing material you select and labor costs will have the most significant impacts on your bottom line. A privacy fence's height will also impact the total cost. On average, a privacy fence will set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000

Installing a privacy fence is a fantastic way to enhance security around your home, but there are a few things to consider before adding one to your property. First, there may be limitations from your HOA or local government regarding privacy fencing, so make sure you check before installation begins. Second, you should consider what type of privacy fence you want since there are many options. Finally, don't forget to consider your budget before selecting a privacy fence for your property.