4 Ways To Refurbish An Old Wrought Iron Fence

Posted on: 18 July 2022


The classic lines of wrought iron make it a versatile fencing option for your home. Low fences are often used in front yards or as porch railing, while taller fences can ensure the security of more private backyards. Although highly damage resistant, sometimes wrought iron does need repairs.

1. Rust Removal

Rust is the main issue with wrought iron fencing, but it rarely renders the fence unusable. It is just unsightly. The good news is that it is also easy to fix.

Your repair service will sand down the rusted areas using a combination of power sanders and hand sanders to get into every crevice in the fence work. Once sanded, the fence will be coated with a rust-reducing primer that will help prevent rust issues from returning any time soon.

2. Repainting

Faded, cracking, and peeling paint is another common wrought iron problem. It's a natural result of aging, although poor maintenance, the wrong paint, and environmental conditions can all increase the chances of peeling.

Repair is similar to that of rust. The fence is sanded and the old paint is scraped off. Any rust that is revealed is treated, and then a fresh coat of paint is applied. An outdoor enamel formulated for use on wrought iron will provide the best longevity.

3. Weld Repair

Wrought iron fencing is held together with a combination of bolts and welds. Bolt failure is simple enough to deal with, as any broken bolts can simply be replaced.

Welds require more in-depth repair. The broken pieces may need to be sanded and smoothed first. Only then can they be welded back together. Once the weld hardens, the damaged area will need to be repainted. Often, the entire fence is repainted to ensure there are no color differences. 

4. Damage Replacement

In extreme cases, wrought iron can be damaged beyond repair. A tree falling onto the fence or a car backing into it may bend the pickets or supports to the point of total loss. Even rarer, a badly neglected fence may have pickets that rust through and develop holes, so replacement is the only option.

The good news is that this type of damage rarely compromises the entire fence. Your repair contractor can cut out the badly damaged portions and then weld in replacement parts. The entire fence is then painted so that the fencing looks as good as new.

Contact a wrought iron fencing repair contractor for more help with your fence refurbishment.