When Is It Time To Get A New Chain-Link Fence?

Posted on: 20 September 2022


A chain-link fence is no doubt one of the most durable fencing choices. This is because the fence is made from coated steel wires that are interlocked, which makes them one of the toughest materials. However, weather elements can damage it over time, causing corrosion and eventual wear. In that case, you will need a new fence to continue enjoying the benefits of securing your property. Here are a few indicators it might be time to get a new chain-link fence.

Evident Rust

If your current fence has rust, it might be time to get a new one. This is because rust makes your fence structurally weak and can no longer protect you from intruders and stray animals. Also, a rusted fence signifies that your chain link is beyond repair, and installing a new one is the best option. This way, your fence can offer you the safety you deserve and improve your home's aesthetics.

Damaged or Missing Links

A fence that has damaged or missing links can signify trouble. For instance, high winds will penetrate through with minimal resistance and destroy your house. In other cases, intruders can access your home through weak points and steal valuable items. When you notice missing links, it might be time to contact a fencing expert. A professional will likely suggest you get a new fence to deal with this issue. They will also install it to secure your house from burglars and weather elements.

A Need To Upgrade

You can update your existing chain-link fence to match your expectation and needs. For instance, you may want to change the outdated design for a sophisticated style that matches your modern home. Also, if the current height is too short, and your pets can easily jump it, you can purchase a fence with improved dimensions. Additionally, a new chain-link fence will be available in various colors to improve your exterior look. That said, you may also want to upgrade to a sustainable and durable material. 

Bent and Warped Frames

It might be time to get a new chain-link fence when yours has bent and warped frames. The root cause of such issues can be the impact, collision, or harsh weather. At this point, your fence might not provide you with the protection you need, and a new and improved installation can help solve this safety problem. Moreover, a professional can help you choose customized chain-link fencing that aligns with your goals. This way, you can achieve quality and sturdy fencing that will not bend or warp with use.

The above are indicators you might need new chain-link fencing. With proper installation, your fence can last longer and boost curb appeal. As such, consult a fence installation expert to help pick a fence with a protective coating for improved durability. Reach out to a local service, such as Mainstreet Fence, to learn more.