5 Reasons To Replace Old Timber Privacy Fencing With Aluminum

Posted on: 30 May 2023


Timber privacy fencing is great for keeping prying eyes away from your property, but after many years of use, even the toughest timber privacy fences will start to show their age. If your timber privacy fence is falling apart and needs to be replaced, you might assume that simply installing new timber fencing is the best and most convenient option.

However, aluminum privacy fencing is becoming an increasingly popular alternative, and for good reason. Aluminum privacy fencing has many advantages over timber and can be a fine addition to both residential and commercial properties. 

Why Should You Replace Timber Privacy Fencing With Aluminum?

Improved Durability

High-quality timber fencing can certainly take a beating, but it can be vulnerable to environmental damage. Without regular treatment with antifungal chemicals, it will quickly fall victim to mold and rot, especially if the fence touches the ground.

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects can also do serious damage to timber fencing and must be kept away with periodic insecticidal treatments.

Timber privacy fencing can also be battered by heavy rain, high winds, and freezing temperatures. UV exposure can also turn some types of timber a dull gray color, which can look unsightly without regular staining and/or painting.

If you want your next privacy fence to be more durable, aluminum is an ideal choice. It is completely immune to insect damage, mold, water damage, and sub-zero temperatures and can withstand very strong winds. Aluminum is also incredibly resistant to corrosion and does not rust, even if you choose fencing without protective paints or coatings.

Bolster Your Security

Aluminum privacy fencing is also more resistant to basic physical damage. Vehicles, lawnmowers, and even large dogs can all damage timber privacy fences, especially cheaper fences made from thin timber panels.

Aluminum fencing is far more robust. Heavy impacts may cause minor denting, but nothing short of a circular saw is going to pierce, crack, or cut your fence.

It goes without saying that this can be a tremendous boost to your property's security, and intruders will have a much harder time bypassing an aluminum privacy fence. Many aluminum privacy fences are also designed with anti-climb features, such as recessed crossbars, making them even more secure.

Minimal Maintenance

Using all those stains, sprays, and surface treatments to maintain a timber privacy fence can be tiring and time-consuming. Aluminum fencing is much easier to look after. A simple clean with a hose or pressure washer every few months will keep your fencing looking brand new for years. No chemical treatments are necessary.

Distinctive Looks

Just because you want to maintain your privacy doesn't mean you don't want people to admire your property. Timber privacy fencing can certainly be attractive, but its ubiquity means it probably won't be turning any heads.

Aluminum is perfect if you want a truly beautiful and distinctive privacy fence. The cool, contemporary looks of uncoated fences are ideal for modern properties with minimalist architecture, but painted fences can look surprisingly appropriate for traditional and period properties. A wide range of paints and powder coatings allow you to choose an aluminum privacy fence in almost any color you can imagine.

Superior Longevity

Aluminum privacy fencing is usually more expensive than timber privacy fencing, but it can be a very wise long-term investment. Its sheer durability and low maintenance requirements mean that aluminum fencing lasts years or even decades longer than timber alternatives.

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